David Richard Gallery – Immersive Art in Santa Fe

David Richard Gallery has been a must-see art experience since it began in 2010. David Eichholtz and Richard Barger have created extraordinary, immersive exhibits at their expansive 4500 square foot space in the innovative Midtown area of Santa Fe, at 1570 Pacheco St, suite A1.

David Richard Gallery is known internationally for its museum-quality exhibits. It has been ranked as one of the top galleries in the U.S, and in the top two in Santa Fe by the international art news source Blouinartinfo.com.

Historical and contemporary works are featured by many renowned artists, with a focus on post World War II art movements from the 1950s to the present, including Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism, Conceptualism, Pop Art and Op Art. They have shown works by such greats as DeKooning, Judy Chicago, Tamarind Institute founder and lithographer June Wayne, Washington Color School and Color Field artist Thomas Downing, and many more. With as many as twelve shows a year, there is always something fresh and exciting at David Richard Gallery.


A favorite of mine is Op Art. In the 1950s, artists began creating the optical illusion of movement on a two-dimesional surface using abstraction, pattern, contrast and line. These works “excite” the eye and stimulate the mind. The name “Op Art” was coined in 1965 from a review of the work of Julian Stanczak at the critically acclaimed exhibitions, “Vibrations Eleven” at the Martha Jackson Gallery, New York. Stanczak was also included in the seminal exhibition, “The Responsive Eye” at MOMA in New York City, which is often credited with ushering in the Op Art movement.

Tactile See-Through, 1974 Acrylic on canvas 36 x 36 in 91 x 91 cm David Richard Gallery

Julian Stanczak – Tactile See-Through, 1974. Acrylic on canvas
36 x 36 in. Image Copyright Julian Stanczak, courtesy of David Richard Gallery

January 2017, David Richard Gallery brings you the exhibit “Altered States: A Psychedelic Legacy”, which is now showing Stanczak’s work along with other renowned “Responsive Eye” artists, such as Richard Anuszkaiwicz and Oli Sihvonen. Oli Sihvonen (1921 – 1991) was born in New York, but is known in New Mexico from his years living in Taos in the 1950s – ’60s. David Richard Gallery is the exclusive estate representative of Sihvonen’s work.

Fugue (004), 1988 Formatting Oil on canvas 90 x 72 in 229 x 182 cm

Oli Sihvonen – Fugue (004), 1988.
Oil on canvas. 90 x 72 in. 229 x 182 cm © Oli Sihvonen, courtesy David Richard Gallery.

Currently Showing until January 28th:”Altered States: A Psychedelic Legacy”

Don’t miss this feast-for-the-eyes experience on exhibit through January 28, 2017. David Richard Gallery has brought together iconic artists of the psychedelic era with a current perspective by artists of today, such as Jennifer Joseph, Daniel McCoy Jr., and Heather McGill. Journalist Emily Van Cleve writes about this current exhibit in her Santa Fe Arts Journal blog article, “Psychedelic Art: Yesterday and Today.”

Daniel McCoy, Jr. New Jams New Jewelry, 2014 Acrylic on canvas 48 x 40 “ Copyright © Daniel McCoy, Jr. Courtesy David Richard Gallery, LLC.

Daniel McCoy, Jr. New Jams New Jewelry, 2014 Acrylic on canvas 48 x 40 “ Copyright © Daniel McCoy, Jr. Courtesy David Richard Gallery, LLC.

These works draw you in and envelop your mind when you experience them first hand.

Heather McGill Untitled, 2016 Acrylic on paper 25.5 x 48 “ Copyright © Heather McGill. Courtesy David Richard Gallery, LLC.

Heather McGill. Untitled, 2016. Acrylic on paper 25.5″ x 48″
Copyright © Heather McGill. Courtesy David Richard Gallery, LLC.

David Richard Gallery has been pivotal in helping the Santa Fe art scene to thrive, and in developing the opportunities for local New Mexico artists to gain acclaim. In 2016, they began The Santa Fe Art Project,  a collaboration of David Eichholtz’ expert curation and as many as 50 local artists, and six guest curators. This eight-week-long art event, held in the fall, draws attention to the “cutting-edge” contemporary side of the current local art scene with immersive exhibits and interactive events.

But that’s just the beginning. With fresh exhibits each month, there is so much to learn and experience, making David Richard Gallery a must-see for visitors and locals.

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