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The vibrant heart of Santa Fe recently welcomed The Santa Fe Dispensary to its booming Historic District in August 2023. The store is owned by the Picuris Pueblo Native Americans and supplies Native American-grown flower from the tribe's cultivation, as well as vapes, edibles & more. Inside, you'll experience the tribe's rich heritage, including curated historical artifacts.

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Address: 100 W. Alameda, Santa Fe, NM 87501  MAP


Open 10 AM - 9 PM Daily

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Picuris Pueblo Church

Since the 700s, the Picuris Pueblo Native Americans have been devoted stewards of the land, and this ethos is embodied in their new endeavor where they bring native-grown cannabis to the residents and tourists of Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the spirit of accessibility, the tribe is committed to offering the best deals and lowest prices in Santa Fe. 


The Dispensary proudly supplies Native American-grown flower, a testament to the tribe's commitment to holistic health practices and fostering a profound connection to the earth. The recent establishment of the tribe's cultivation at the Pueblo heralds a new era of sustainability and authentic Native American agriculture. 


The renowned Hotel Santa Fe, also under the tribe's ownership, welcomes guests with a special discount to further elevate Santa Fe's vibrant tourism economy.