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A direct outlet for Native American art & gifts, including jewelry, pottery and animal fetish carvings, since 1981. Our store is called Keshi, "the Zuni connection" because of our close ties with the people of the Zuni Pueblo. 

"I learned so much about the Zuni culture from their amazing art. These authentic pieces were reasonably priced and I was able to buy original gifts for everyone in my family." - Sharon F. UK


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Address: 227 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM 87501  MAP


Mon - Sat 10am-5pm. Sunday - 11am-5pm

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Inlaid Zuni Turquoise Earrings
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Abstract Pottery - Jemez
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Eagle Fetish Carving

Discover a world of authentic art from many northern pueblos, including Acoma, San Felipe Pueblo, Jemez, Santo Domingo, and Cochiti.  Works include pottery, paintings, jewelry, and more. 


Established by teachers in 1981 as a co-op for Zuni arts and crafts, Keshi has always maintained personal relationships with individual carvers, jewelers and potters. We continue to buy directly from the Zuni people. Our reasonable prices and complete authenticity reflect this.


We host one of the largest selections of Zuni fetishes in the world and we feel honored to be involved with these kind and generous people.


The word "fetish" in Native American culture, represents a found rock or pebble that resembles an animal, which may be carved to enhance the image, and imbued with a spiritual power or “medicine.” The Zuni are also well-known for their Petit Point turquoise jewelry, and exquisite pottery.


Elah-kwa (thank you in Zuni).

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