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NEW LOCATION OPENING SOON! Exhibiting museum-quality Andean textiles and pre-Columbian objects alongside curated Contemporary art.

“With an informed eye, William Siegal has mixed contemporary art with antique textiles and ancient sculptural artifacts in a way that enriches both. In placing the old and new side by side, Siegal took them out of historical context and underscored their graphic analogies.” – Lea Feinstein, ArtNews.

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Website: http://williamsiegal.com/

Address: 130 E. Marcy St. Santa Fe, NM 87501  MAP



Tues-Sat: 10am - 5pm

Sun & Mon: By appointment only.

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As the art of the ancients merges with the expression of the modern in a museum quality environment, William Siegal Gallery is a unique experience for the art appreciator.

For over forty years, owner Bill Siegal has been assembling the world’s largest collection of fine ancient and antique Andean textiles dating from 750 BC to the 19th Century.


This is a rare opportunity to appreciate art that spans 5,000 years and many different cultures, while inspiring a new collecting sensibility: the Old is New and the New is Old. Side-by-side, they create exciting dialogs.


Comtemporary works include that of such renowned artists as Judy Tuwaletstiwa, Signe Stewart, Peter Ogilvie, David Henderson, and Paula Roland, among many.


Historic exhibits include ceremonial objects and textiles from Meso and South American Cultures, as well as objects from China’s ancient Dynasties and Southeast Asia. Distinguished African and Indonesian textiles are also prominently featured.