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My curated category listings were created to help you discover the authentic Santa Fe that we locals know and love.

I was born in England and found my way to Santa Fe in 1984. I immediately felt an affinity for this beautiful part of the world. I was fortunate to be shown around Santa Fe by locals who loved their home town and showed me their favorite places, introduced me to colorful characters, and helped make my experience of Northern New Mexico very special, and I'll always be grateful for that. I explored places and enjoyed experiences I would never have found on my own, and I realized that Santa Fe isn't like anywhere else.

Its ancient history and culture gives it a European feeling, and yet it is unique unto itself. New Mexico has a depth of character and diversity of culture that has been earned over many centuries. I loved it so much that I moved here, and I've lived in Santa Fe for 30+ years.

Over those years I've learned a great deal about the special "off the beaten path" places to visit, and unique things to do, the fave locally-owned and operated small businesses, shops, restaurants, tours, artist studios and workshops, that contribute to the unique charm and character of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico.

Please reference my curated listings and categories for all my top suggestions, and an insider's knowledge of the area's history, art, culture, people, traditions, and flavors that are authentic to New Mexico.

The lodging category offers special discount links where you can book directly and receive discounts that are exclusive to Santa Fe Selection.

Get the best free maps to help you explore the area. Our Mini Guide Map with 3 detailed maps showing all points of interest with restaurant, unique shopping and tour ideas for your stay are also displayed in most hotel lobbies, and visitor centers around Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. Send me your name and mailing address in the U.S. via the contact page link, and I will mail you my free Mini Guide Maps in advance of your arrival.

Click the "blog" link at the bottom of this page, and you'll find my blog articles help you know more details about everything from "Weather and What to Pack", things to do, places to see, people to meet and interesting historic details about the area.

Please enjoy my free website travel guide and free Mini Guide Maps. With Santa Fe Selection as your local resource you will discover the authentic Santa Fe, and leave with fond memories and a sense that you've connected to more than just the surface of this enchanted place.

Kind Regards,

Maria Johnson

**Know who you are buying from. Please be warned that it is important to know the origin of certain goods before you buy. For example, certain "Native" art, silver and turquoise items being sold as Native, may be imported even though they come with a certificate of authenticity. Santa Fe Selection vendors are reputable and they guarantee authenticity of their products.**

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