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CLOSED until further notice: Check their website for any unexpected closures that may occur throughout the year (click 'more'). Taos Pueblo is the northernmost of the nineteen New Mexico Pueblos. It is generally open to visitors M-S from 8am to 4pm, Sun 8:30am - 4pm, except when tribal rituals require closing the Pueblo.  Click for Ceremony Dates and more info...

Phone: (575) 758-1028call

Website: http://taospueblo.com/events/

Address: 120 Veterans Highway Taos, NM 87571  MAP


Mon - Sat: 8am -4pm. Sun 8:30am - 4pm. Check their website for any unexpected closures or changes.

Adults: $16 per person, Groups (8 or more Adults): $14 per person

Students: $14 per person, Children 10 and under: Free

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Religious Ceremony Dates: Jan. 1, Turtle Dance. Jan. 6, Deer or Buffalo Dance.  May 3, Santa Cruz Feast Day. June 13, San Antonio Feast Day. June 24, San Juan Feast Day. July 13,14,15, — 27th Annual Taos Pueblo Pow-Wow. July 25, Santiago Feast Day. July 26, Santa Ana Feast Day. Sept. 29, San Geronimo Eve Vespers. Sept. 30, San Geronimo Day, Traditional Pole Climbing. Dec. 24, Procession of the Virgin Mary. Dec. 25, Deer or Matachines Dance.

There are over 1900 Taos Indians living on Taos Pueblo lands. Our people have a detailed oral history which is not divulged due to religious privacy. Archaeologists say that ancestors of the Taos Indians lived in this valley long before Columbus discovered America and hundreds of years before Europe emerged from the Dark Ages. Ancient ruins in the Taos Valley indicate our people lived here nearly 1000 years ago. We welcome visitors, we ask that you respect the pueblo rules and guidelines. (For information on the Taos Pueblo dates of events etc., please refer to http://taospueblopowwow.com)

From Santa Fe, take Hwy. 285 to Hwy. 68 to Taos. Distance: 72 miles, approximately 1hour 15mins.

All professional and commercial photographers, as well as artists interested in sketching or painting, must apply for pre-approval; fees vary.

We recommend you always check their website for any unexpected closures that may occur throughout the year. 

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