Zozobra - Burn Him!
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WHEN: Friday September 4th, 2020 (always the Friday of Labor Day Weekend)

WHERE: ONLINE or on KOAT channel 7. Details to follow. [NO CROWD ATTENDANCE IN 2020] 

The burning of the 50 foot-tall effigy known as Zozobra, a.k.a Old Man Gloom, began in 1924 and has become an annual tradition for Santa Feans to burn away "doom and gloom" in time for fall. Get your lodging and Zozobra tickets here. Click "more" for Lodging Package link.

Phone: (855) 969-6272call

Website: http://burnzozobra.com/

Address: 490 Bishops Lodge Road Santa Fe, NM 87501  MAP


 Details to follow for 2020s ONLINE & KOAT channel 7 viewing

7pm: Pre-show, dancing and music begin. Fire starts around 9.30pm until he's all gone.


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Photo: Kelli R. Abeyta
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Photo: Kelli R. Abeyta

Regular tickets go on sale July 4th. For ticket purchase, event schedule, parking info and map details, click the link above. Tickets: $10 up to day of event. $15 on event day only. Kids 10 and under: Free. 

The burning of Zozobra, (Spanish for "the gloomy one") is the inspiration of artist Will Shuster and was introduced as part of the Fiesta events in 1926. Zozobra is presented annually by the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe, the Friday of Labor Day weekend.

Friday evening at dusk the people of Santa Fe, along with hundreds of friends and visitors, all make their way to Fort Marcy Park. As darkness falls, the music begins, and fire dancers taunt the enormous puppet until at last the flames catch and he burns a slow and painful-sounding death.

Fireworks, music and the screams of Zozobra and the cheers of the crowd can be heard for miles around and make for one of Santa Fe's most exciting events. Fun for the whole family, Zozobra burns away your worries, and doom and gloom, in time for the onset of fall and winter.

The event is located in Fort Marcy Park, just a few blocks from the historic Santa Fe Plaza. 

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