Fiesta de Santa Fe
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WHEN: September 9 & 10th 2023.  (Parades and Events are Usually the first weekend after Labor Day) Check website for Event Schedule

WHERE: The Historic Plaza Area - FREE Admission.

For more than 300 years, every September, the Santa Fe Fiesta Council proudly invites people from all backgrounds to celebrate historic Santa Fe culture with events that highlight the talents of Northern New Mexico cultura! Enjoy the arts and crafts booths along with music, dancing, entertainment and food booths that line the historic Santa Fe plaza during the Fiesta Labor Day weekend. 

Phone: (505)470-6325call


Address: Santa Fe Plaza Area  MAP


9am - 5pm. Check link for schedule of events & more info.

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There is usually a major Plaza art market on the Labor Day weekend, and the parades, dancing, music and another art market happen during the weekend after Labor Day. 

Most popular Parades are Desfile de la Gente/Historical Hysterical Parade, and Desfile De Los Ninos. (These parades will NOT be happening in 2021 due to covid concerns. Check website link above for other event schedules).

Since 1712, the City of Santa Fe honor "peaceful reconquest of the capital" by General Don Diego de Vargas in 1692. In 1692, General Don Diego de Vargas made a promise to the Marian statue of Nuestra Senora de la Paz, La Conquistadora, to honor the memory of the Spanish resettlement of the city of Santa Fe. The revered religious statue remains a significant part of the ceremony surrounding the Fiestas.

Celebrations include religious ceremony, art market, food fair, and live music, dancing, and competitions for this year's La Reina and Don De Vargas, that encompass the honoring of this 300+ year-old tradition. 

¡Que Viva La Fiesta!