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The Magdalena Lily McCarson Gallery is made of time, commitment, creativity, and harnessing an authentic eye for figure, form, and nature. Featuring the fine art photography of Magdalena Lily McCarson and works by other talented artists that include a unique vision and implementation of earthen vessels, intricate beadwork, hand-formed jewelry, and poetry. 

Grand Opening Show Reception: "SACRED", February 8, 5:30p - 8:30pm

Phone: (505)316-4711

Website: https://www.magdalenalilymccarson.com/

Address: 333 Montezuma Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501  MAP


Winter: Tuesday - Thursday: Noon - 5pm

Select Saturdays & by appointment. 

Summer Hours: TBD

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The opening show, "SACRED" also incorporates the works of other artists embodying the theme. All works in the gallery set the tone to deepen the exploration of spirituality and holiness. SACRED will be on exhibit through April 2020. 

McCarson says, "I strive to honor each and every individual I have in front of my camera, similar to how each of the represented artists holds their works close to heart. With that closeness comes a creation unlike any other. 

We are primarily a Fine Art photography gallery featuring the female form. However, the artists represented hold a space for a natural, essential and comfortable feel.   Being vulnerable to the audience, each artist has provided you with an opportunity to see with new vision, to question a reality, or even think a little deeper into the belly of the artwork itself."

Photographer Magdelena Lily McCarson embraces the natural strength and inherent grace of the female form. Structures and landscapes inform her work, which incorporates classic forms with curiosity and culture. Her influences include Helmut Newton, Renée Jacobs, and Edward Weston. McCarson’s past shows include La Femme, Riding Side Saddle, and Maria, which offer the female figure with true connection and commitment to form.