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OFFERING FREE STUDIO TOURS & DEMOS. Sharon Grimes is an award-winning artist of contemporary abstract works with exhibits in the U.S and Europe. She welcomes guests to visit her professional artist studio in Santa Fe, and explore her world of creativity. This is a unique opportunity to meet Sharon, watch her demonstrate some of her process, and enjoy a tour of her professional studio at her home in La Tierra, just 15 minutes drive from the Plaza. Tours and Demonstrations by appointment. Mention Santa Fe Selection when you call.

Phone: (903)452-0618call


Address: 39 Lluvia De Oro, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506  MAP


Visits by appointment, please call to arrange.

Try to allow some advance notice if possible.

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Sharon's art is multi-faceted mixed media, including acrylics, pastel, charcoal and oil sticks. She always has gold leaf on hand as well as an assortment of other mediums. She never knows what the painting will call for from moment to moment. She wants to be prepared to respond.

Now, she is happy to invite you to her studio, see her latest works and watch a demonstration in progress.

Sharon is self-taught, and first became interested in art at a young age. She grew up loving to sketch people, animals, and surroundings. In her early twenties, her passion for art blossomed as she was inspired by the many galleries and museums she frequented in London, while living abroad for a year.

Her work has been described by Sara Eyestone, artist, writer and curator of La Posada de Santa Fe and Spa, as a “feast for the eyes.” 

"This abstract impressionistic artist's work demonstrates a quality found in spiritual artwork, ethereal atmospheres sometimes containing bold and dynamic bursts of color. There is a dreamlike quality to Sharon Grimes' artwork. Found internationally with obvious influences of spirit, her work brings the beholder to peace." - Julia Ross Gallery Representative.

Call Sharon to set up your visit. Mention Santa Fe Selection when you call.