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Aleta welcomes you to her amazing studio, over 2600 square feet, with three stations to accommodate working in oil, acrylic, mixed media, and resin. Aleta Pippin's gallery was named Best Gallery in New Mexico by American Art Awards for 2019, and named one of the Best of 25 Galleries in America. A sensory experience in color and mood.

Now, the gallery is closed but you can visit Aleta Pippin in her artist studio by appointment.  Explore her uplifting works of exuberant color and light as expressed in energetic, tactile expressions. By Appointment Only: Email your request to:


Address: Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501  MAP


By appointment Please Email your request to

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"Viewing my portfolio, you’ll notice that I work in different series. I do not plan the images, they are intuitive interactions created by life experience, accessing my broader knowledge most importantly spiritual, and ever-growing knowledge of materials.

I continue to experiment which is key for my creative muse. New ideas are constantly born, some finding their way into new work.

I’ve found painting to be a life journey as well as an inner journey.

I work abstractly because I enjoy the freedom and adventure of being in my imagination.

My mission is to create paintings free of obvious form, allowing you to access your imagination and finish the painting using your perception and life experience." ~ Aleta Pippin

Visit Pippin's studio and be surrounded by artistic beauty and get to know an accredited and popular artist.

By appointment only. Please email your request to: