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Santa Fe Jeep Tours Off-Road Adventures will pick you up at your location, and take you on an off-road adventure you won’t forget. This is your opportunity to venture outside of the typical tour bus vacation and experience the rugged beauty of Santa Fe, and Northern New Mexico. Offering a variety of adventures, each tour has its own unique beauty and all are a photographer’s dream. It's the perfect experience for individuals, families, and groups.

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Location determined at time of booking. Call to book your tour or book online at the link above and mention Santa Fe Selection for a special discount.

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Our Jeep Wranglers will take you from the desert to the mountains and everywhere in-between.

If the desert is what you seek, then we suggest the 4-hour Devil’s Throne. If the mountains are what you crave, there is the 3-hour Santa Fe Ski Basin Tour, if you are looking for a bit of desert there is the 3-hour Diablo Canyon Tour, the 4-hour Ranger Tower Tour, the 4-hour Cow Creek, & the 6-8-hour Elk Mountain Tour.

If you want a mix of desert, canyon, and mountain, the Los Alamos Dome Tour is perfect blend of all three.

If you’re wanting a little movie history with a more aggressive trail there’s the Bonanza Creek Movie Studio Tour which takes you through film locations like Silverado, Manhattan, Breaking Bad, Young Guns, and Valley of Violence. 

Santa Fe Jeep Tours was born out of a love of the terrain of Northern New Mexico, and the exploration of “hard to find” and off the beaten path roads. Santa Fe Jeep Tours started as an opportunity for its founder, Andrew, to share his love of the outdoors with friends and family, and is now a passion that he shares with each of his clients!


Mention Santa Fe Selection when you book and receive a discount.