Traditional Native American Hands-On Pottery Experience

We’re sorry, this activity is no longer available on Santa Fe Selection. Please click this link to reference our up-to-date list of authentic Santa Fe activities, day trips, tours and workshops. ~ Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Traditional Native American Hands-On Pottery Experience

  1. That’s a great read. I wish I had the patience that obviously is needed for such a talented art, but alas, I’m a dunce. My ex-mother-in-law loved pottery and she was from Mexico. She would have loved Merton.

    I can’t imagine what the smell of the slowly roasting horse manure smelt like!

  2. This was such a great adventure! It wonderful getting to know Merton and hearing about his experiences, making pottery the Pueblo way and learning more about the culture. Great job Maria! You really were able to take others through the experience with your wonderful photographs and writing expertise!

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